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SF-VR1 Mission Alpha


Never before has realism been so real. If you want to go to a place, that no one has ever been to, you must enter the world where your senses will be maxed out, where you’ll touch space and do the impossible.

The company Matrix Technology, thanks to unique and ultra-advanced technology, has created interactive content that will take your customers into a world they’ll never forget. Hyper-realistic 360-degree scenography, combined with the highest quality stereoscopic projection, with VR goggles and spatial sound effects, creates a one of a kind opportunity to perceive the environment, with all the senses. The interactive formula of the game, does not allow the participants to sit back and watch the show passively, but engages everyone in the action.

SF-VR1 Mission Alpha – Gallery

Everybody has a direct impact on the course and final result of the game, thanks to which its course is unpredictable and varies each time. The state-of-the-art VR goggles are supported by dedicated software and the image generated with top-class computers. The whole structure is built on a specially designed and crafted 6DOF hexapod platform, which can carry 20 people and sustain an overload of 1G, which enhances the sensations to the extreme. Designed with the care for details, built and equipped with the latest technologies, the interior of the attraction creates an unparalleled climate and is a perfect complement to the whole.

Realistic spacecrafts and the surroundings, resembling interplanetary base, are just a taste and a compliment of amazing sensations experienced during the game. SF-VR-1 is one of a kind interactive project , which thanks to its innovation and uniqueness, will make you stand out against competitors. This highest quality product will attract many customers and leave you feeling sensational.

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