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Very soon we will uncover what until today has been inaccessible, something that has been reserved only for a few. Thanks to the ultra-modern technology of Matrix Technology, each and every one of us will be able to go in space, see the stars, and become a part of the Universe…

In a huge space shuttle, more than 30 meters long and 11 meters high, built with special care for all details, there is a cockpit which, can accommodate as many as 32 people. The most advanced technology of stereoscope projection, a super-effective hexapod 6DOF platform achieving great overloads, and the effects surrounding the viewer engaging all their senses, will, with the most minute details, create the atmosphere of interplanetary travel. Additionally, the use of emergency capsules with the free fall effect increases the intensity of the stimuli, emphasizes realism and provides unparalleled entertainment.

Thanks to hyper-realistic 3D computer graphics, the launch of the shuttle may take place from the place in which it is actually standing. A journey to the stars has never been so easy. Only with Matrix Technology will you get to know the impossible, feel it with every fiber and experience, an adventure no one else has ever experienced.

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