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Do you think you’ve seen everything? You only think so! Take a risk, get on the magic trolley and get ready to be exhilarated. Let your senses guide you. Trust the modern technology that will take you into the world of dreams! Unique effects, realistic animation, extreme adventure will take you to the centre of film events! Choose extra drive through mysterious underground tunnels.

Release your emotions, and you’ll know, what it feels to mix fear and delight! Feel like the king of speed! Make your heart beat harder! The imitation of reality will feel more real than reality itself. Stimulate all the senses through the illusion of physical, atmospheric, sound and visual phenomena. You’ll feel every gust of wind, hear every sound, see every flash and feel every drop of water and smell every passing scent in the basement of the mine. You’ll find yourself in the thick of events, but not even moving from one place. You’ll be the hero of the movie! You’ll move through time and space. The trolley will take you into the dark interiors, polarized glasses will take you to a three-dimensional world, and the special effects will blur the line between the real world and illusion.

Your travels into the abyss of a mysterious underworld, will show you how the world comes to you from the screen and allow you to feel an exhilarating sense of depth!

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