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Mysterious Abyss


Matrix Technology, with hyper-modern technology, will take you and your customers to a world that will stay in your memory forever. A world so engaging, you won’t want to leave – the timeless world of Matrix Technology.

The content of “Bathyscaph” is special thanks to the cutting-edge materials used by Matrix Technology, the unique projection method which surround you nearly on every side, spatial sound effects and additional stimuli arousing all of your senses. A specially engineered and constructed 3DOF hexapod platform can generate the overload force of 1G, which gives an extra boost to your experience. You will find yourself transported to a different dimension, thanks to the use of equipment with active 3D projection technology delivering, over 8000 ANSI lumen brightness, wide-angle lenses and acrylic hologram screens, which offer the highest levels of reality reproduction.

Mysterious Abyss – 3D Content Gallery

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Bathyscaph measurements: Height: 25,3′ ; Width: 24,5′ ; Length: 65,4′

Bathyscaph realisation – Dubai

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